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  • Corey Kent White
    The Voice

    Night 4 of the blind auditions on The Voice

    So, did it seem like The Voice was blazing through the blind auditions at a blistering pace last night? Well, expect that pace to continue. We’ve met 30 singers so far, and the show’s tightened timeframe will have us meeting 18 more between tonight and next Monday. For some reason, the show has decided to…

  • Michael Leier
    The Voice

    Night 3 of the blind auditions on The Voice

    In case you’ve lost track, five singers have turned all four chairs on The Voice Season 8 so far. Two have landed on Team Blake. That would be Cody Wickline and Sarah Potenza. Two have landed on Team Pharrell. That would be Sawyer Fredericks and Anthony Riley. And one has landed on Team Adam. That…

  • Cody Wickline
    The Voice

    Meet Cody Wickline of The Voice Season 8

    His audition: Cody Wickline, 20, of Beckley, W.Va., auditioned with a tender and spot-on performance of George Jones’ “He Stopped Loving Her Today.” Adam Levine turned around just a few notes into the performance. Blake Shelton joined him near the end of the song. Then Pharrell Williams and Christina Aguilera turned around as well, giving…

  • Mia Zanotti
    The Voice

    Meet Mia Z of The Voice Season 8

    Her audition: Mia Z., 16, Pittsburgh, Pa., auditioned with a classic, B.B. King’s “The Thrill is Gone.” She displayed a big voice with a touch of rasp, not to mention very nice range. Blake Shelton turned around early in the performance, later joined by Pharrell Williams. He called her range “insanity” and said “the thrill…

  • Anthony Riley
    The Voice

    Meet Anthony Riley of The Voice Season 8

    His audition: Anthony Riley, 27, Philadelphia, Pa., launched into an energetic performance of “I Got You (I Feel Good)” by James Brown. And within seconds, all four coaches were facing in his direction. Pharrell called his performance “electric” and complimented him on his “big spirit.” Anthony opted to join Team Pharrell. His background: Anthony told…

  • Brooke Adee
    The Voice

    Meet Brooke Adee of The Voice Season 8

    Her audition: Brooke Adee, 16, Tampa, Fla., sang “Skinny Love” by Birdy for her audition. A great opening prompted almost immediate chair turns from Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. She winds up turning in a very solid performance, but they’re the only chairs to turn. Blake said Brooke looks and sounds like “a future star.”…

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Best of the Night on Idol

Jackie "Jax" Cole, an 18-year-old pop singer from New Jersey turned in the best performance during the girls Top 12 night on American Idol, covering Cher's "Bang, Bang." For song by song grades from the show, head here.

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